circa 1967-68 - Yuma, AZ - 1000th Show - [l-r] front: (possibly Dick Morgan), Norm Carlisle, Ed Davis, Mark Strick, Bob McDermott, Gerry Plummer, Mike McPherson, Arnie Arrellano, Ray Garin, Bill Wilkinson; rear standing: Spider Wrenn, _____, Don Taufer Note: Aside from being the winter training area for the Team, Yuma was also the spring training site for baseball teams, which accounts for the bleachers and ballplayers in this photo.

More from The 60's

More from The 60's

[l-r] Back: Tom Ellis, Gary Ocenas, Bob McDermott, Bob Tisdale, Bill Wise, John Knabb, Don Brown - K more

[l-r] Tom Ellis; Gene Paul Thacker; Bob McDermott; Coy McDonald; Ray Duffy, Jerry Babb, Jim Anderson more

1960s - [l-r] Rear: Blue Angels - Middle: Golden Knights - Gene Paul Thacker, Joe Norman (?), Ray more

June 19, 1963 - Paris, France - Le Borget Airport - International Aviation and Space Salon - [l-r] s more

1961 - Dick Fortenberry in his trophy room. - According to Dick: "Here [is a] picture of the first N more

[L-R] Lou Carista; Joe Pelter; Tom Ellis; Bryce Swindle; Larry Sitter; Charlie Harris; Mel LaVier; L more

Gold Team - [l-r] Rear: Ray Duffy, Bob McDermott, Chuck Hornsby, Joe Norman; Front: Gene Paul Thacke more

January 18 1968 - Zephyr Hills, FL - World Record Attempts - Night jump from 5000 feet without delay more

1966 - World Record Attempts - [L-R]: Bob McDermott; Lou Carista; Gene Thacker; Billy Lockward; Sher more

[l-r] Rear: Tom Ellis; Bob McDermott; Gary Ocenas; John Knabb - Front: Bob Tisdale; Ed DeLuca; Jac more

circa 1962 - United States Parachute Team - [l-r] Jeanni McCombs, Gladys Inman, Helen Lord, Nona Pon more

On the wing [l-r]: Joe Norman, Bobby Letbetter, Dick Fortenberry, _____, Phil Vander Weg, Coy McDona more