1967 - Killer Kane and the Knights - Captain Kane Flew the Golden Knights in Ohio and Pennsylvania - ...read more

Thunderbirds and Golden Knights at a show site presenting photo to departing team member.

1967 - Thunderbird Reunion - Golden Centennaires Ground Crew, Thunderbird Ground Crew; Blue Angels G ...read more

This is an early TU modified canopy that may be a 1.1 or 1.6 ripstop nylon canopy.

Before 1967, chutes used by the Golden Knights did not display the word "Army". These are 1.6 canopi ...read more

Rogallo single keel canopy with the Snyder wrap that was the canopy deployment retarder that allowed ...read more

1960 - Accuracy Jump at the Normandy DZ

Demo landings

1968 - George Torrealba completing a demo landing at an Airborne recruiting demo for Basic Trainees ...read more

Don Gagne & Gene Bland

Demo landing

Ben Moseley & celebrity Mike Douglas